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    David Raddish
    Drumming & Music Production


David Raddish born David WoehrerBrass-Hop Crew MoopMama and SouthAfrican Singer Nomfusi are just the most previous in a long line of artists to appreciate the musical abilities of David Raddish.
His holistic approach for beatcrafting has made him a top choice drummer in south Germany and Austria. May it be the powerful hiphop brass show with MoopMama or south african rooted rhythms with singer Nomfusi. He always combines what is needed with what he is. A drummer whos Beats are boppy, tight and in the epicenter of music. The experience he gains of touring and playing with so many different artists give him a big musical pool he can draw of in the producing process. With his first solo release „Heartwood“ hes building bridges again between 8 of his musical wayfarrers, joining him on 6 different landscapes of Music.
Raddish is Endorser for Meinl Cymbals, Sonor Drums and AheadArmorCases
Raddish has worked with: Jan Delay, Flo Mega. Megaloh, Blumentopf, MarieMarie, Timothy Auld,...

David Raddish



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